Past Performance

Yes, we admit it. Loyal customers generate more revenue and cost less to serve. A glance into our past provides insight into our service delivery….the harder the challenge, the more glorious it is when we surpass customer goals!

Environmental Protection Agency – Grants Management and Technical Assistance

Our auditing experts perform administrative reviews to assess overall compliance with the administrative and financial requirements of managing Federal grant funds as described in 40 CFR Part 30, 40 CFR Part 31, the appropriate OMB cost principles, and new OMB omni-circular 2 CFR 200. Our work also includes providing technical assistance to the organization to implement appropriate policies, procedures, financial systems and controls to monitor Federal assistance funding.

Department of Justice – Project Management, Budgeting and Accounting, Management Analysis and Records Management

Our diverse professional team supports a variety of Federal financial management tasks to include but not limited to budget formulation and execution, financial management, fiscal operations, and program and records management services to the Office of Violence against Women.

Office of Personnel Management- Cost Accounting Services

Utilizing specialized contractors, our team delivered technical assistance for the continued development of an agency-wide cost accounting methodology (CAM) including development of policies and training services. The project effort included work to link the cost of operations to the different fees charged to recover the organization’s costs, design a repeatable process to develop cost data to support fee studies, and provide the required expertise to implement managerial cost accounting principles throughout service level agreements.

Patent and Trademark Organization- Programmatic and Mailroom Services

Our dynamic team of highly specialized personnel continue to dedicate their commitment in providing unparallel operational support in the management, training and administration of the Trademark Law Office.

Trade and Development Agency- Grants Management

Our firm provides assistance in the management and oversight of international grant activities to include reviews grant agreements and grant activity status, identifying grant activity issues, ensuring grant provisions are met by the agreements’ parties, tracking improper grant payments and report findings, and participating in close-out procedures.

Customs and Border Protection Agency- Budgeting, Cost Accounting, Program Analysis and CPIC Support

We delivered functional expertise in support of budgetary and cost analysis functions including program analysis, financial analysis, programmatic support, and enterprise business analysis.

Department of Treasury- Grants Management

Our firm coordinated the efforts of 100 independent contractors in providing pre-award administration and project management services to conduct reviews of applications under nationwide grant and tax credit programs.

Forest Service Agency- Financial Systems and Helpdesk Support Services

For several years, our dedicated professionals have provided financial system and operational support to improve the agency’s report center operations. Our IT professionals deliver website management services including design and development; full-scope security assessments, and Certification and Accreditation (C&A), database reconciliations, programming support and help desk services.

Department of Homeland Security- Acquisition Services

Utilizing acquisition industry experts, our firm performed document management, technology enhancement, and acquisition support services to the Office of Procurement Operations. The project effort involved an internal assessment of operations to enhance the agency’s acquisition knowledge management system with a productivity tool in completing tasks related from acquisition planning to contract close out activities.

Department of Defense – Acquisition Services

Our professional designer serviced the Fort Meade Mission & Installation Contracting Command in a major office redesign including project management oversight of major furniture acquisitions.

Prince Georges Community College – Cost Accounting Training

Through in-classroom instruction, our team of accounting experts designed training plans, curriculums, and group exercises in delivering multiple cost accounting and estimating training sessions over several years.

Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division – Accounting, Payroll and Travel Helpdesk Support Services

Subcontracting to another small business, our firm carried out project management activities over various accounting operations.

District of Court of Columbia Superior Court- Accounting, Auditing and Management Consulting

Our team of financial experts and accountants executed business processing reengineering and operational improvements to the entire court system cash management practices. The work included the development of risk-based methodology to address audit findings with the compilation of procedures and redesign of reports to provide management with vital financial information.

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation- Accounting, Training and Helpdesk Support Services

Our firm delivered project management support to provide operational support for accounting, payroll, travel services, benefit subsidies, and government charge card programs including helpdesk operations, audit review functions, reports development and performance reporting, and training. Our team developed operational manuals and agency quick guides for compliance and training on fiscal internal controls.