Management Consulting

iFOS® has acquired, over the years, the breadth and depth of management consulting experience required to assist our clients. Our strategic consultants partner with public and private organizations to quickly assess and implement best business processes, strategies and tactics. Our nationwide consulting practice helps our clients achieve success in maximizing their operational capacity.

We have advised clients on the best approach, solution, or required changes given our strong understanding of business challenges, specific requirements and external factors that influence its environment, such as legislation, economic conditions and staffing.

Our firm is preferred based on our expertise and contextual experience when an agency or business needs a fresh set of eyes, require objectivity, or when the necessary expertise is not readily available or existing in their organization. iFOS maintains our objectivity regardless of your agency’s political and/or internal pressures. We provide advice based on specific findings supported by evidence and demonstrate clear implications for your agency or business.

Acquisition & Contract Management

Our comprehensive acquisition support services emphasize best practices, quality risk assessment skills and the development and monitoring of effective internal controls in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations. We support the entire acquisition lifecycle from pre-award to contract closeout specific to your organization’s procurement guidelines.

Information Technology Services

iFOS offers a full range of Portfolio Management Investment solutions that align strategy, planning, and operations to ensure investments contribute to the value of our customer’s IT investment portfolio. Our multifunctional team has extensive experience in a variety of functions including system implementations, document management, Section 508 compliance and other system integration tasks.

Human Resources Support

Our HR professionals provide an array of resources designed to help improve business performance. Human Capital is the forefront of change and iFOS can help in driving that change. We provide management options for performance, recruiting, and compensation by giving one the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your employees.