Why Work for iFOS®?

In today’s competitive business environment, government agencies and companies are increasingly in need of a flexible group of highly skilled workers with a technical or professional background to work for specific periods of time for crucial projects, staffing shortages and/or to ramp up for spikes in business. Hiring individuals on a contract basis allow our clients to maintain proper staff levels and retain the talent available today, while reducing their employee-related costs. In these situations, clients often turn to iFOS for recruiting professionals on a temporary and contract basis.

Highly Skilled Professionals

We work hard and demand excellence from our contract professionals from the moment you walk through the door at iFOS. How does it work? The employment relationship is with iFOS. We offer our professionals periods of work (assignments) during which duties are performed not directly for us, but for our clients on our behalf. It is important for potential candidates for employment to understand the culture of their work environment is based upon clients’ location and underlying contract requirements.

The difference between a traditional temp company and iFOS is based upon the highly, specialized services we provide and our demonstrated past performance to complete projects on time and within budget. Each assignment is dependent upon our clients’ contractual terms which are accepted by our firm. Contract assignments can be as short as one day or as long as several years. Employee benefits and training varies upon the assigned project assignment and are subject to the underlying contract terms for project placement.

Recognizing compliance is critical, our firm delicately balances our employment practices for Federal contracts with IRS and state regulations defined under common law to manage and supervise our employees.